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A Message From the Director

As Medical Director of Pediatric Palliative Care at the IWK for the past 18 years, I know firsthand what kind of difference the arts can make on those so very ill and those who care for them. As the Director of the Humanities-HEALS Program, I work in an extraordinary place of privilege. I am witness to the clear benefit of integrating the humanities, happy to share that knowledge, and celebrate the changes that cycle back to improved care."

- Dr. Gerri Frager
Professor and Director, Medical Humanities-HEALS Program
Healing & Education through the Arts & Life Skills

What a time we are in – in this 21st year of our Humanities Program, which explores the interface of arts and health! It is a year to celebrateanniversaries with this being the 22rd anniversary of the Tupper Band started by Dr. Bernard Badley and the 13th anniversary of the very successful Dalhousie Medical School Chorale started by Dr. Ron Stewart in 2000. Now with a broader reach, this has morphed into the Dalhousie Health Professions Chorale and Ensembles. 

The Humanities’ rich and renowned Music-in-Medicine Program has been joined by Dr. Wendy Stewart, a pediatric neurologist and musician, who heads the Humanities component at DMNB, Dalhousie's satellite medical school started in 2010 in Saint John, New Brunswick.

The Humanities-HEALS Program has on-going co-curricular, selective and elective activities in the History of Medicine, and the literary, visual and performing arts. 2010 was momentous with the re-kindling of the Artist-in-Residence Program supported by funding from the Robert Pope Foundation. In this initiative, artists from various disciplines work throughout the year to explore and support artistic expression within the medical school and community health centers.

Dalhousie’s commitment to curriculum renewal continues to bring many welcome opportunities to truly integrate arts and humanism as part of what each and every medical student is exposed to. Faculty have a renewed interest and excitement as we share a collective re-think about what we want from our doctors. Our Humanities program is well placed as e a key contributor to the education of these doctors and the emerging focus of interdisciplinary learning.



Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine Medical Humanities Program